Version 0.1.8
  • Checked for compatibility with TYPO3 10.4
  • Bugfix in fluid templates

Thanks to Albrecht Köhnlein who made pull requests concerning the bugs and TYPO3 10!

Version 0.1.7
  • Checked for compatibility with TYPO3 9.5.7
  • Included documentation again
Version 0.1.6
Header field of content element now rendered on page
Version 0.1.5
Change in JavaScript: Now clicking on one content element reloads all elements from the same provider.
Version 0.1.4
Bugfix release. Made documentation external since it was never rendered on
Version 0.1.3
Bugfix release
Version 0.1.2
Bugfix in composer.json
Version 0.1.1
Added content in
Version 0.1.0
First release